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Bene's Art House

There's no place I can be Since I've found Serenity

The Bénélie's Art House
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Welcome in Bene arthouse!
This is the place where I post all my graphics (mostly icons) about lot of fandoms!

Principal fandoms
= Battlestar Galactica
+ Doctor Who
= Harry Potter
+ Lost
= ...

I ♥ Movies and actors
I also love making icons about movies and actors!

Check my tags to know all about my loves!

Where do you find the pictures/textures/brushes?
I made a list of all my ressources: Check it here.
It' still under construction so if you recognize one of your brush of texture, please tell me!

On livejournal:
= lastgleamings
+ zaz_icons
= dr_house_fr

On the web:

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